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2016-2017 Staff

Setareh Bakhtiyari

Staff Writer

I would describe my personality as a hard working individual who doesn’t like to give up. I'm very...

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Adrianna Buenviaje

Staff Writer

I love long walks on the beach and multidimensional theories.

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Diana Garcia

Staff Photographer

I am a photographer and an artist. I enjoy covering current events and anything that can bring some peace...

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Jade Lew

Staff Writer

Jade is a Los Angeles native and an avid lover of music, concerts, fashion, writing, and photography.

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Matthew Martin

Staff Photographer

New York born Matthew Martin has lived on 2 continents and travelled to several others. Growing up in...

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Zane Thornton

Staff Photographer

My name is Zane Meyer-Thornton. This is my 4th semester in college, but my first at SMC. I've lived in...

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Ryanne Mena

Managing Editor

I am 21. My goals are to learn more about the world I live in and more about myself in doing that. My...

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Emeline Moquillon

Staff Photographer

My name is Emeline. I grew up in a little town in the South West of France. I graduated in Communica...

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Christina Moultrie

Culture Editor

Christina is a news junkie who has returned to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She...

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Edward Lee

Staff Writer

Edward Lee has always been passionate about one idea: working towards improving society. This Los Angeles...

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Michelle Ayala

Multimedia Editor

Meet Michelle, the type of person you could hang out with and talk freely about everything and anything....

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Luis Valladares

Staff Writer

Invest in your passions literally, a quarter in those arcade machines every day until the machine breaks....

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Jazz Shademan

Staff Photographer

I'm Jazz Shademan and I've been a working as a photographer for the past five years. Last year I finished...

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Zin Chiang

Editor in Chief

I am a freelance photojournalist in Los Angeles who specializes in still images and video for print,...

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Abraham Barkhordar

Staff Writer

Abraham is from the calabasas area and is going to smc to study history. He is in his second year and ...

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Trevor Schock

Staff Writer

Trevor Schock was born in Southern California. His interest in writing grew from reading and making...

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Maya Toolin

Staff Writer

Maya is a 20 year old SMC student with an interest in fashion, history and politics. She hopes to one...

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Chelsey Sanchez

Digital Editor

Chelsey Sanchez kickstarted her love for writing when her 8-year-old self told her older cousin that...

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Vanessa Wyatt

Staff Writer

Vanessa Wyatt works in fashion as a retail manager for Michael Kors. She also models part time and is...

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Brian Vu

Staff Photographer

Brian Vu has a keen ear for podcasts, an even keener eye for photography, and the keenest hand for pett...

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Miguel Gonzalez

Staff Writer

My name is Miguel Gonzalez, I am a Journalism major and excited to be contributing to the school paper....

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Lazaro Carranza

Opinion Editor

Lazaro Carranza was born and raised in small town in La Crosse Wisconsin. Lazaro attended La Crosse Central...

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Pedro Xavier Hernandez G

Staff Writer

Pedro Hernandez G is a 20 year old SMC student, who enjoys learning about history and current social...

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Juan Gomez

Staff Writer

Juan Gomez is a staff writer for The Corsair but you can call him "Junior". He is a Journalism major...

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Angie Ramos

Staff Writer

I was born and raised in the city of Angels; Los Angeles, CA. I am a product of hip hop and rap. Currently ...

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Mazyar Mahdavifar

Design Editor

It is what it is: graduated from medical school, He figured out that it wasn’t what he wanted to do...

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Oscar Steven Carranza

Staff Writer

My name is Oscar Steven Carranza, born and raised in South L.A. I am very fond of news relating to the...

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Marisa Vasquez

Photo Editor

Marisa Vasquez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for the city, coffee, and photography...

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Sam Green

Staff Writer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, who now at the young age of 24 has discovered the glory of the brown...

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Keya Rivera-Quick

Staff Writer

Keya Quick was raised in Northern California where she always aspired to be a writer, developing her...

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Dylan Mulcahy

News Editor

Dylan Mulcahy. Who’s that? Ask the folks about the magical jazz cat. I’m not a cat. It’s an...

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Daniel Bowyer

Photo Editor

Did someone say, "Coffee!" Daniel is on a photo journey of epic proportions. On a trip to Antartica in...

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Alexander Melendez


In the beginning, Alexander Melendez joined the Corsair team over a year ago for the purpose of improving...

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Daniel Han

Design Editor

When it comes to design elements, and a keen eye for visual aesthetic, the Corsair relies on Design guru...

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Josue Martinez

Contributing Photographer

Josue Martinez, also known as Rooftop, is always prepared to shoot whatever is available to him. Whether...

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Daniel Lee

News Editor

Daniel Lee first moved from Brazil to Boston when he was 16-years-old. After studying business management,...

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