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Santa Monica in the Movies

Santa Monica in the Movies

Christina Kelley, Staff Writer
September 21
Filed under Culture, Trending Stories

A great way to track our beach city's place in pop culture history is to look at the many movies which have been shot here. By visiting the places these famous movies were filmed, you can get a sense of what the outside world has seen of our city -- as well as how the city has changed over the years.

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The Westside Welcomes Expo Line with Celebration

Alexander Melendez, Multimedia Editor
May 31
Filed under Video

The Corsair covers the numerous Metro station celebrations held Saturday, May 21 to commemorate the opening of the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica.  

Men’s Volleyball: SMC vs. LA Pierce Preview

James Powel, Contributing Writer
March 10
Filed under Sports, Volleyball

For Santa Monica College men’s volleyball head coach Jackson Meticchechia, tomorrow’s game against Los Angeles Valley Pierce Brahmas draws mixed emotions. “I love [Pierce’s] gym, I love that program. If it were up to me, we would win every year and they would take second every year,” Meticchechia...

Corsairs rodeo in win against the Vaqueros

Corsairs rodeo in win against the Vaqueros

Julian Arredondo, Contributing Writer
March 7
Filed under Sports, Volleyball

On Friday, March 4th, the defending State Champion Santa Monica College Corsairs, swept the Santa Barbara City College Vaqueros in an entertaining game. Even though both teams started off with multiple errors, The Corsairs took advantage and won in three sets: 25-20, 25-23, and 25-23. With the win,...

Student’s 2016 Academy Awards reactions

Alexander Melendez, Multimedia Editor
March 5
Filed under Media, Opinions, Video

During the height of the 2016 Academy Awards madness, field reporter Leyla Leiva scourged through SMC's main campus to see what the students thought about their own predictions and reactions to the Oscars this year. With this year's Academy Awards over and done with, we were able to capture a few...

iOS SOS: Apple support rally

Alexander Melendez, Multimedia Editor
March 4
Filed under Media, Video

Last week, on Feb. 23, 2016 the Corsair covered the Apple inc. vs. FBI controversy by heading down to the Third Street Promenade and capturing a support rally for the tech giant that had gathered together in front of the Apple Store at the promenade. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that his company would...

Expo Line test train t-bones semi on 7th and Colorado

Expo Line test train t-bones semi on 7th and Colorado

Adam R. Thomas, Multimedia Editor
December 10
Filed under City, News

Early Thursday afternoon at 12:02 p.m., a westbound Expo Line extension rail-car collided with a passing Semi-trailer truck at the intersection of Colorado and 7th in downtown Santa Monica. The driver of the T-boned truck received minor injuries and was rushed to a local hospital according to MTA of...

Corsairs Prevail Over Circling Seahawks

Corsairs Prevail Over Circling Seahawks

Hannah Kovar, Staff Writer
October 18
Filed under Media, Sports

The Corsairs took the field hot and hungry for their fifth win of the season. Undefeated, they knew that they needed to keep this winning streak alive. The ninety-nine-degree temperature caused the fans to search for shade as they watched their team fight for a win. The victorious Santa Monica College Cor...

ICC Social marches on with subtle protest

ICC Social marches on with subtle protest

Juan Lopez, Digital Editor
May 27
Filed under Associated Students, News, Top Stories

Over a dozen Santa Monica College Inter-Club Council delegates showed up to the ICC Social with handmade ram horn pins in their hair. "I think they’re all wearing those horns without knowing the other side," said Isaac Medeiros from UNICEF Club. The delegates were sporting horns to commemorate ICC...

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