“Kids Talking About Film” is a weekly podcast with hosts Evan Minniti (Opinion Editor), Mila Greenberg (Reporter) and Yasser Marte (Managing Editor). Each week, Evan Mila and Yasser discuss and debate trends in film, television, documentary and music scores and soundtracks. Join in on the debate and feel free to comment and give us your opinion. This podcast is edited and produced by Blake Atwell, Multimedia Editor of The Corsair.


EPISODE 2: Evan, Mila and Yasser provide hot takes and opinions about the 2019 Oscars.


EPISODE 3: ‘Leaving Neverland’ is a documentary about two men who claim to be sexually abused by pop star sensation Michael Jackson. The hosts discuss various topics related to the documentary, including sexual abuse and how fame can play a role in placing blinders on the masses.


EPISODE 1: Evan, Mila and Yasser kick off their first episode by discussing the best and worst films of 2018.