Welcome to “Hang Time,” a sports podcast with hosts Blake Atwell (Multimedia Editor) and Deshawn Pouper (Reporter). Each week, Blake and Deshawn talk about collegiate and professional sports. The podcast also features discussions about the careers and progress of some of the best college and professional athletes to ever come out of Los Angeles from a youthful lens. Join them and feel free to comment and give your opinion. “Hang Time” is produced and edited by Blake Atwell.


EPISODE 6: Blake and Deshawn recap the 2019 NFL Draft's 1st round selections.


EPISODE 4: The boys talk about discuss three L.A. natives taking over the NBA: Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Paul George.


EPISODE 2: Blake and Deshawn discuss Santa Monica College alumna Laila Ali and athlete advocacy.


EPISODE 7: Blake and Deshawn analyze second round action of the 2019 NBA playoffs.


EPISODE 5: Blake and Deshawn dive into the first week of NBA playoff basketball with perspectives about multiple series within the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.


EPISODE 3: For this episode: Blake and Deshawn discuss two of SMC’s most accomplished athletic alumni, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lenny Krayzelburg.



EPISODE 1: Blake and Deshawn delve into the stories of two former SMC standout athletes and teammates that have made names for themselves in professional sports: Chad Ochocinco and Steve Smith Sr.


TEASER: Here is a small taste of Hang Time. Listen, enjoy and join the conversation.