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Welcome to “On Background,” a weekly podcast diving into some of the most pressing stories we’re covering here at the Corsair - Santa Monica College’s award-winning newspaper. Corsair reporter Michael Fanelli interviews reporters and sources to get an inside look at news pieces, and has open discussions about how those stories play into the bigger conversations of the day. This podcast is produced and edited by Multimedia Editor Blake Atwell.


EPISDOE 9: This week: Host Michael Fanelli interviews Corsair reporters Theo Greenly and Martha Ramirez about their print edition and online story, "Superintendent Jeffery Denies Knowledge of Racist Statements."

Check out Theo and Martha's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…t-statements


EPISODE 7: Michael Fanelli interviews Corsair reporter Megan McNaughton about her story "Emotional Support Animals Give Service Animals A Bap Reputation"

Check out Megan's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…n?rq=animals


EPISODE 5: Michael Fanelli interviews opinion editor Evan Minniti about his online story, "America Has No Business Intervening In Venezuela."

Check out Evan’s story here: https://www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019/3/12/america-has-no-business-intervening-in-venezuela


EPISODE 3: Host Michael Fanelli interviews reporter Martha Ramirez about her online story, "The Clothesline Project: A Visual Reminder of Domestic Violence."

Check out Martha's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…tic-violence


EPISODE 1: On the first episode of “On Background,” host Michael Fanelli interviews reporters Theo Greenly and Megan McNaughton about their print edition story, "High Cost of Living Hits SMC's International Students."


EPISODE 10: This week: Host Michael Fanelli interviews Corsair reporter Pyper Witt about her online story, "The Air We Breathe."

Check out Pyper’s story here: https://www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019/5/28/the-air-we-breathe


EPISODE 8: This week: Host Michael Fanelli interviews Corsair Editor in Chief Dakota Castets-Didier about his news story titled "Mayor Pete Buttigieg Supports Measure EE."

Check out Dakota's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…s-measure-ee


EPISODE 6: Michael Fanelli interviews Corsair reporter Hazel Siff about her story "The Recent College Admissions Scandal Begs for a Change in the Overall Admissions Process."

Check out Hazel’s article here: https://www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019/4/16/the-recent-college-admissions-scandal-begs-for-a-change-in-the-overall-admissions-process?rq=hazel


EPISODE 4: Michael Fanelli interviews managing editor Yasser Marte about his online story, "Artist Chris Fraticelli: Once Loved, Twice Broken."

Check out Yasser's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…twice-broken


EPISODE 2: Host Michael Fanelli interviews reporter Jackie Sedley about her print edition story, "Measles Outbreak in the Pacific Northwest Sparks Vaccination Controversy."

Check out Jackie's story here: www.thecorsaironline.com/corsair/2019…-controversy


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