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Ingrid martinez
-staff writer-

19 year old political science major testing the waters with journalism. A writer with a focus on community social issues. A little multimedia production here and there. Shameless nerd of comic book superheros. First semester at the Corsair.  


Yuki Iwamura
-staff photographer-

Yuki is a staff photographer, originally born and raised in Nagano, Japan. This is his third
year at SMC and planning to transfer to UCLA. He loved camping and fishing when he was
in Japan.
He had a passion for street photography, but once he met Japanese war photographer just
got back from Syria, he realized the power of photography and decided to study photojournalism.


Josue Martinez
-staff photographer-

Josue Martinez  is always prepared to shoot whatever is available to him. Whether he is working with a DSLR or kicking it old school with the film and polaroid, you will never see him without a camera. Josue can usually be found hopping onto roofs in DTLA, or cycling the streets of Los Angeles, but when he isn't in the street you'll find him in his cozy little garden.


lauren label
-design editor-

Lauren Label is a 20 year old dreamer from North Carolina. She moved to the big city of Los Angeles to pursue her passion for journalism. Lauren has an eye for design and enjoys capturing moments on her Canon EOS Rebel T5.


nicolas marquis johnson
-staff writer-

Hello all, my name is Nicolas Marquis Johnson, 21 years old, and fourth year student at Santa
Monica College. This is my first time taking this course and I am humbled to be surrounded with
others who have had this experience before. I am taking this course because Broadcasting
Journalism in major, and I plan on becoming a Sports Journalist in print, online, radio and


Catherine lima
-staff writer-

23-year- old Journalist-in- training at Santa Monica College, was born on
November 13, 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Shy at first, but once you get to know her she
can be a Chatty Cathy. Her interests include: reading, writing, music and art. She enjoys
learning new things and is open to constructive criticism to better herself. This Fall 2017
semester is her first semester in the Corsair and she is looking forward to working with the
Corsair Staff. If she ever seems like she is mad, do not fret, she may just be hungry and/or need
her daily dose of caffeine intake. She also loves cats.


Jos cashon
-contributing writer-

Painfully boring, lazy, and uncreative person who couldn’t even be bothered to write an unironic bio about herself. She was born in a city which is also a part of a state, and the state is one of fifty in a nation. She has two parents, 23 pairs of chromosomes, and is theorized to have once been a child at some point in her life. Her past is relatively untroubled and she is not notable in any way. She has hobbies. She has pets. She enjoys some types of food and has been confirmed by multiple sources to require its sustenance to live. She wastes a lot of time reading useless junk online and finds that to be her favorite quality about herself. She’s terribly unfunny when she tries to be. She hates referring to herself in the third person. She thoroughly enjoys meta humor. She’s gonna stop writing this bio now.



Emeline grew up in the South West of France, between the vineyards and the Atlantic. After she graduated with a BA in Communication and Marketing in Paris, she traveled around the world for work and leisure. Discovering new cultures and meeting new people is a major part of her life. Emeline recently embarked on a solo eight-month journey, backpacking across Southern Asia and Ocean. Capturing precious moments in life drove her to a new passion. She finally came to Santa Monica College to be a journalist. Writing about culture and society are among her favorite subjects.




Damian-Michael Williams
-staff writer-


harry phillips
-staff writer-

Hi there, my name is Harry and I am a Journalism major. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I love writing and running, in fact I have run five Los Angeles Marathons. I have written for my high school newspaper and enjoy contributing to The Corsair.

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jessica uhler
-staff writer-

I grew up along the border of South-West Philadelphia, not far from Rocky and Adrian. I have a Business Management degree and specialized in retail merchandising. Before moving to LA in 2014, I managed a wild game restaurant for several years. Then one day I woke up and decided this wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I packed up my dog and my cats and moved across the country to find a new, more fulfilling career. I have no idea what all of this will lead to but I’m excited to find out!

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brian quiroz
-staff photographer-

Hello, my name is Brian and I am a photography major. My passion for photography started after getting my hands on a camera in my after school class. During high school I learn photography, animation, and filmmaking, also learning to write scripts. My goal is to be a little bit of everything, Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Animator and it all starts here at The Corsair where I get to explore all my options.



Marisa Vasquez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for the city, coffee, and photography are what brought her to where she is today. She first discovered photography during her senior year of high school. After a few semesters at Santa Monica College, working continuously on her photography skills, Marisa then joined The Corsair and realized power of journalism and media output. Her goal is to transfer to a four-year college and graduate with a Media Studies degree. Until then, you can find her running around campus working hard on her news assignments and classes in order to make her goal a reality.   “Your dreams are valid.”   - Lupita Nyong’o



Did someone say, "Coffee!" Daniel is on a photo journey of epic proportions. On a trip to Antartica in 2011 he became mystified by what kind of stories could be told with pictures. Fast forward to the present, and you'll see just how important photography is to him. While he loves all types of photography, photojournalism, and sports photography are his besties. His ultimate goal is to work as a staff photographer for an NFL team. Daniel's mantra is, "Be better than you were yesterday."


Ryan mena
-managing editor-

I am 21. My goals are to learn more about the world I live in and more about myself in doing that. My ultimate goal is to become an investigative journalist. I am an a avid pokemon player and proud of it. "What ever floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink mine."


Jazz Shademan
-photo editor-

Jazz Shademan is a commercial and freelance event photographer. She is a traveler at heart and would love to explore more of the world, its peoples, and cultures. Photography is one of her biggest passions; being creative and progressively growing through diverse experiences is her drive in life. She also loves dogs, guitar solos, and pistachio ice-cream.


Trevor Schock
-culture editor-

Trevor Schock was born in Southern California. His interest in writing grew from reading and making zines mostly focused on the local indie music scene. Nowadays the subjects that interest him most are history, leftist politics, and music.

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thane fernandes
-staff photographer-

Thane is a music and landscape photographer from San Francisco. When he’s not out shooting he likes to explore outside with his friends but always makes sure to keep a camera around just incase.


ripsime avetisyan
-staff photographer-

A Journalism - Public Relations major. Camera’s my paintbrush. Functions on coffee.  Valley Girl.


Telecia Larue
-contributing writer-

Writing is my passion. I am a poet/ spoken word artist. I began my career as the top blogger for What's Hot In Hip Hop, an online Hip Hop publication. Afterwards, I moved on to become a staff writer for Street Motivation Magazine and I am currently a staff writer for One West Magazine. I would like to start my own magazine in the near future and a successful blog.


ethan lauren
-staff writer-

It’s my third year here at Santa Monica College. I really do love the field of journalism so I’ll do my best to write about what’s worth knowing. Other than that, I enjoy new wave music, button-downs, and languages.


roy Garza
-staff writer-

This is my first semester attending SMC and working with the Corsair, but I also go to El
Camino College and bring with me a year’s experience from working on the newspaper there.
I’m a native of Visalia, CA but have spent the last 11 years living and going to school in
Torrance. I have a passion for the truth and that’s what brought me to the journalism world.
When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, playing games, watching sports,
and overall trying to maintain an active lifestyle. I look forward to experiencing a new campus in
SMC and seeing all that the school and it’s students offer.



Edward Lee has always been passionate about one idea: working towards improving society. This Los Angeles native has always had a wide range of passions and interests, from political science to cooking to robotics - skills that would brighten up someone’s day or bring real positive impact to people’s everyday lives. Edward enjoys to the fullest the lack of unnecessary constraints and meeting new people, and thus can often be spotted engaging in conversation with complete strangers. Edward believes that journalism is one of the best catalysts for improving society through its role of finding the truth inspiring dialogue amongst the public about today’s problems and how we can address them.



Meet Michelle, the type of person you could hang out with and talk freely about everything and anything. On these days you will find her being part of the multimedia group for the corsair. She's always willing to help brainstorm creativity and provide laughter. She has high dreams of being part of the entertainment industry where she can one day direct her own heart felt short films. Don't be shy, smile and she will smile back!


-Social media editor-

My name is Zane Meyer-Thornton. I take pictures of things I find interesting and culturally significant.



I am a photographer and an artist. I enjoy covering current events and anything that can bring some peace of mind. My main goal is to show what I see and create conversation. Photography and art can go hand in hand so aside from reporting I also enjoy creating scenes/story in my images. I hope to someday cover events around the world and have galleries of my work.