My name is Emeline. I grew up in a little town in the South West of France. I graduated in Communications and Marketing. Traveling, discovering new cultures and meeting new people is an major part of my life. Recently I embarked on a solo eight month journey across Southern Asia and Oceania. Capturing precious moments in life, I realized photography was a new found passion. After returning, I realized making a difference in the way people perceive the world was important to me. Last fall I came to Santa Monica College to learn how to become a professional journalist. Writing comes easy to me in various different topics especially when my interest has been struck.



I am a photographer and an artist. I enjoy covering current events and anything that can bring some peace of mind. My main goal is to show what I see and create conversation. Photography and art can go hand in hand so aside from reporting I also enjoy creating scenes/story in my images. I hope to someday cover events around the world and have galleries of my work.



Marisa Vasquez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Her love for the city, coffee, and photography are what brought her to where she is today. She first discovered photography during her senior year of high school. After a few semesters at Santa Monica College, working continuously on her photography skills, Marisa then joined The Corsair and realized power of journalism and media output. Her goal is to transfer to a four-year college and graduate with a Media Studies degree. Until then, you can find her running around campus working hard on her news assignments and classes in order to make her goal a reality.   “Your dreams are valid.”   - Lupita Nyong’o



Did someone say, "Coffee!" Daniel is on a photo journey of epic proportions. On a trip to Antartica in 2011 he became mystified by what kind of stories could be told with pictures. Fast forward to the present, and you'll see just how important photography is to him. While he loves all types of photography, photojournalism, and sports photography are his besties. His ultimate goal is to work as a staff photographer for an NFL team. Daniel's mantra is, "Be better than you were yesterday."



Edward Lee has always been passionate about one idea: working towards improving society. This Los Angeles native has always had a wide range of passions and interests, from political science to cooking to robotics - skills that would brighten up someone’s day or bring real positive impact to people’s everyday lives. Edward enjoys to the fullest the lack of unnecessary constraints and meeting new people, and thus can often be spotted engaging in conversation with complete strangers. Edward believes that journalism is one of the best catalysts for improving society through its role of finding the truth inspiring dialogue amongst the public about today’s problems and how we can address them.



Meet Michelle, the type of person you could hang out with and talk freely about everything and anything. On these days you will find her being part of the multimedia group for the corsair. She's always willing to help brainstorm creativity and provide laughter. She has high dreams of being part of the entertainment industry where she can one day direct her own heart felt short films. Don't be shy, smile and she will smile back!