Big Blue Bus Invasion of Privacy Incident Under Investigation

On Monday Oct. 23, 2017, a female Santa Monica College student was boarding the Big Blue Bus at Pico and 18th, only to have an unknown suspect aim his phone camera up and underneath the woman’s dress. At approximately 4:28 PM, SMC student Jaquelin Rodas witnessed the suspect “holding his cap, and inside the cap [she] noticed the phone.” Rodas noticed the suspect acting in an odd fashion prior to committing the crime. She also stated that the suspect in question did not board the bus. 

The incident occurred at the R7 Big Blue Bus stop, in front of SMC’s Administration Office on Pico Blvd. The Santa Monica College Police Department was notified and plans to patrol the area at the same time the incident occurred. SMCPD will also look at the school’s cameras to try and identify the hat used.

The incident cannot be legally considered a case until the victim comes forward. Once the SMCPD officially titles the sexual harassment incident an official case, it would then be considered an Invasion of Privacy.


Chief Johnnie Adams of the Santa Monica College Police Department titled the incident a Violation of Privacy. The SMCPD scouted the area on Oct. 24, 2017 at approximately the same time the invasion of privacy occurred the day before, and deemed the Big Blue Bus stop on Pico Blvd and 18th to be clear. No victim or suspect has stepped forward.

UPDATE (10/26/17 at 5:45PM):

SMC student, Rebecca Lindberg, came forward as the victim to the police on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. SMCPD can now go forward in investigating this incident as an official case. The suspect remains unknown.

This is currently an ongoing investigation.