And It’s Time For Monday Night Football at SMC

Every year a long standing tradition takes place at this time of the year, where students show off their pride by representing the school they are attending. As of Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, Spirit Week officially commenced.

In an effort to have the students and faculty engage in supporting the Corsairs football team for their Homecoming game on Nov.4, Santa Monica College began spirit week by hosting a Monday Night Football viewing event at the Cayton Center. At this event, the clubs all around SMC came together and participated in arts and crafts, eating free pizza, watching the NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.

The Cheerleading Club, the Corsairs football team, and a few other clubs were there to attended. Saori Gurung, A.S. Director of Activities, gave a full insight on this particular event. "Monday Night Football is just something that we've been doing," Gurung said. "All I did was carry the tradition, get the people out to be invited like the athletes outside and we had some large turnouts and that's all."

The event also held a Poster Making Contest, in which the winner of the contest with the best poster, will have dinner in the press box for the football game on this coming Saturday. "Originally we were thinking this was going to be for the clubs so that way the clubs could participate," Gurung said. "I really wanted the clubs to be more involved with A.S. and just have a better connection in general, and I feel like there were a few turnouts for the clubs, which is great."

The event ended before halftime with the Chiefs leading in the game 17-3. When asked about the event in general, Luta Mailoto, defensive end for the SMC football team, had said, "I think it was a great event. I think it something good to bring the students closer get a lot of people's minds off of midterms and stuff, and it was pretty good"

The football team, entering with a record of 1-7, will host their final home game of the season against the Cougars Canyons who stands 6-2. The Corsairs will look to use this event as a boost of energy to end this season on a high note.