Accident on PCH Backs Up Morning Traffic

Pacific Coast Highway 1 northbound was shut down due to a pedestrian being hit by two vehicles in the early morning of November 21,2017. The pedestrian was found unresponsive upon arrival of the first responding unit at 5:30am.   It is still unknown why the pedestrian was in the middle of the highway. Two cars were involved as both drivers were still at the scene of the accident.


The accident caused major traffic delays as they had to close off the Pacific Coast Highway going Northbound halting traffic flow until the early afternoon. The California Incline was also closed which is used to enter the Pacific Coast Highway 1; causing major traffic delays on Ocean Ave and surrounding roads in Downtown Santa Monica. Traffic going northbound was being diverted around the scene of the accident to Channel Rd.


At around 10:00 a.m, the investigation started to come to a close. Officers finished up their investigation with one of the drivers involved. The cones that were placed all along the accident on the PCH were being picked up and stowed, and many of the Santa Monica Police officers at the accident started leaving the scene. A tow truck from the Pacific Towing Service arrived to pick up a white Honda civic that is believed to have been part of the accident along with the driver.


Jayrol San JoseComment