Get Ready For The Lake Show

Press Release

Press Release

With the 27th pick in last year’s draft, the Los Angeles Lakers drafted a superstar - Kyle Kuzma. He is leading the team in scoring as a rookie and continues to show his fearless mentality. Ironically, not many expected him to be this good. 

Philadelphia uses the slogan, “Trust the process.” Here in L.A., Lakers fans must do the same and trust Magic Johnson, the Lakers President of Basketball Operations.

This year, the Lakers will miss the playoffs more likely than not, as ESPN projected them to finish with 33 wins. It’ll be the team’s possible fifth consecutive losing season, but the future looks bright for a basketball team in L.A. and it's not the Clippers.

This will be tough for Laker fans who are tired of losing and desperately want to regain their illustrious glory. One more losing season Laker fans, one more.

Lakers’ 20-year old sophomore, Brandon Ingram, continues to show his flashes of greatness. Although Laker fans expected him to take a bigger leap this year, he has shown that he will be a perennial All-Star in the near future. He is averaging more points, assist, and rebounds this year - the progress is showing.

Lakers head coach Luke Walton sees something special in Ingram. Walton told, "He definitely wants it, 100% he wants it. Some people you feel like they say they want it but in their eyes, you can tell they are saying it because they are supposed to say it. Brandon, he truly wants those moments."

Not only will the up and coming 6-foot-9 Kuzma have Ingram by his side, but he’ll have a once in a generation type passer in rookie Lonzo Ball.

Again in today’s media-driven world, NBA fans are already bashing Ball and calling him a bust. The 20-year old UCLA product is averaging nine points, seven assists, and seven rebounds per game. He is averaging a near triple-double as a rookie.

Ball can pass and rebound well, but critics note that the rookie’s shot and form has been lacking. Because Ball is a newcomer, he has room to improve his shooting percentage as the season and his career progress.

According to a Hall of Fame point guard, "He has greatness written all over him," Johnson said.

In the past offseason, the Lakers worked to free up cap space for this upcoming summer, and now the team will have enough financial resources to sign two max contract players, likely to be superstars.

After this season franchise players like Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins, and LeBron James all hit free agency, many believe that the Lakers will hold meetings with all of them.

The future is bright for the Lake Show, stay patient L.A.