Breaking: Police Arrest Suspects in Burglary Attempt


In a press release given to The Corsair by the Santa Monica College Police Department, they stated that at around 1:39pm today, the SMCPD received a report of a possible gunman on the main campus. After they searched the campus and investigated the tip further, they determined that it was a rumor linked to a felony stop that was conducted earlier today by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on 16th street and Pico Blvd at 12:20pm. The LA Sheriff's Department took custody of a burglary suspect without incident. The SMCPD will continue tomonitor the situation and conduct patrols on campus.

Three suspects who were followed by undercover investigators were arrested on the intersection of Pico and 16th on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. A helicopter from the Los Angeles Police Department roamed the campus briefly earlier today just in case the situation elevated into a chase.