Bomb Threat at Santa Monica Pier

On the sixteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, The Santa Monica Pier received notice of a bomb threat on September 11, 2017. At approximately 12:30 PM, an anonymous call came into the Hawthorne Police Department about a potential bomb threat to the Santa Monica Pier, according to Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez. Shortly after, the Culver City Police Department received a call, with the anonymous person calling about the same threat. A suspicious vehicle had also been under investigation.

In response to the anonymous tips, the Santa Monica Police Department issued a security sweep of the pier and local parking lots.

At approximately 7:30 PM, the vehicle under investigation was rendered safe, according to Lieutenant Rodriguez. “We anticipate the pier being completely reopened within the next 15 to 20 minutes. we're still going to investigate, basically the calls that came into the local jurisdiction, being Hawthorne and Culver City Police Department, to find out who called in those threats…”. There are currently no suspects. This is an ongoing investigation.