Corsairs Women's Soccer team win MiraCosta 1-0

On a hot sunny day, The Corsairs took the field ready for the game. The line up for each team is announced. After the pep talks from both Coach Aaron Benditson and Captain Chrystal Dorado, the ladies Corsairs steps onto the pitch and got ready for position.

The Santa Monica Corsairs Women's Soccer team took on the MiraCosta Spartan's Women's Soccer team at home on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017. The Corsairs are undefeated starting out the season at 2-0-1 after their dominating 4-0 away win at El Camino.

The whistle blows, and the Corsairs start the game off. The beginning of the first half was pretty balanced and both teams were playing the midfield. The Corsairs and Spartans had plenty of opportunities to score, but they couldn't find the back of the net. As the game progressed the Corsairs came alive and found their rhythm. They begin to have more ball possessions and better communication. As the Corsairs found themselves, the Spartans became lackluster. Losing the ball and not connecting with their passes. Before the first half came to an end the Corsairs scored a goal in the 43rd minute just to see the linesman raise her flag at the end of the field. The goal was called an offside. The Spartans put up a fighting chance and came back with an attack of their own, but number 11 Jacky Montepeque of the Corsairs slid for the ball to win possession and clear the ball. The whistle blows, and the first half is done. Half time and the game is still scoreless at 0-0.

During half time Coach Benditson seem to be disappointed with his team's performance. He angrily grabbed his belongings and went on to call Assistant Coach Crystal Sanchez, and Team Captain Dorado for a private meeting. After a while, they came back and were ready for the second half.

Both teams took the field once again. The Spartans started off with the ball and the game began. The Corsairs came out on the attack from the start, making great opportunities. In the 60th minute the Corsairs scored a goal after a scramble by #23 Daysi Serrano. With their backs against the wall, the Spartans went on the attack creating a great opportunity across the field for themselves, but they couldn't capitalize. Their shot on goal was easy for the Corsairs' goalkeeper Emma Romero who caught the ball. In the 76th minute, things went from bad to worst for the Spartans as their goalkeeper Bailee Bolt, who started the second half, collide with Corsairs' Daysi Serrano. Bolt was taken out of the game for a checkup and was replaced by Precious Garcia. The game became a stalemate as both teams were creating opportunity, but couldn't make the best out of their chances. After the full 90th minute, plus injury time, the whistle blew one final time.

The Corsair's win at home improved their record to 3-0-1, still undefeated and on a two game winning streak. Their next game is an away game at Chaffey College on Friday, September 8th, 2017 at 2 pm, while their next home game won't be until Tuesday, September 19, 2017, against LA Harbor.