Out and about - Culver City Art Walk & Roll

In the heart of Culver City’s Arts District, Washington Boulevard was fenced off as thousands of people gathered to participate in the Art Walk & Roll Festival that took place on Saturday, October 6th. Artists, Food trucks, and local businesses welcomed the crowds of people with an array of different experiences. 

Molly Croteau, a jewelry maker behind the business, Eclectic Ox, was particularly enjoying the event. Her and another artist, Elle Litiatco, of clothing company ElleRali, shared a tent across from an incredibly loud and equally enjoyable DJ, where kids and families danced and basked in the friendly atmosphere. “This has been great. The music has been awesome,” Croteau said, “So many great bands, and so many people are out here. It’s a beautiful day, I’m having a great time.”

The festival itself was entirely family-friendly. Along the main stretch of the event there was something offered for visitors of all ages; fenced-off beer gardens, dancing, unique goods for sale, and arts & crafts areas. There was plenty to absorb. Shelly Huber, a mother that drove from Westlake for the event, said “I would say it’s more kid-focused than anything - It’s super family-friendly, there’s like a gazillion kids here, which is great for me.” Referencing the booming music nearby, Huber states about her young daughter’s experience, “It was fun for her to see a drummer and guitar players and singers…she was perplexed at first, but then she started dancing, so I think she enjoyed it.” Huber’s daughter, among countless others, delighted in the variety of activities offered at the festival.

The vendors participating seemed to view the event as a place to connect with the community in Culver City, but also as an opportunity to showcase their work. Croteau, who was mentioned earlier, saw it as an opportunity she couldn’t miss. “Elle invited me to do a booth with her - I’m in Costa Mesa, but I’m interested in doing more things in LA.” For artist Shawn Dedeaux, a Culver-City local and SMC alumni, it was an event he valued for, as he put it, “Just exposure, you know, trying to sell work, fantastic artists,” Dedeaux laughed and added, “All of the above.”

Attendees that felt the need to refresh themselves as they explored the event were well accommodated. CoOpportunity, a vendor that came to the festival from just down the street was there “giving away knowledge,” as said by Bernard Perry, an associate of the co-op. He explained, “What we’re doing here is just giving out organic produce right now, getting people to come out. We have droves of people coming out just for an apple.” 

Perry continued, “We are a natural foods store right down the street on National and Washington. We’re trying to drum up more business. We’re trying to let wonderful people know that we’re bringing wonderful food to this community - We’re here to bring this to the Culver City area.” Perry’s words spoke for everyone involved in this enormous community event.

The Culver City Art Walk & Roll Festival gathered people of all ages with exceptional music, eye-catching artwork, and enough food to satisfy thousands of people, hungry for entertainment.