Netflix of The Future

Netflix swept the world and threw competitors such as Redbox and Blockbuster to the side when the company brought instant access to a variety of movies at the touch of a button. Saving us the strenuous task of having to go out and rent a DVD. 

The introduction of their services via app, website, and programming allows instant streaming on various devices for affordable prices keeping up to date with modern day technology. According to Business Insider, Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, originally wanted to sell his brand to Blockbuster, but the company declined. Netflix’s empire flourished shortly after, constantly progressing, and pushing companies to keep up with technological updates.

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

"Black Mirror," a popular series on Netflix, is a modern day version of "The Twilight Zone," an anthology series based on rapidly advancing futuristic technologies and scenarios. This series presents a stream of potential realities heavily influenced by our ever changing society.

BBC recently shared that a concept may be in the works that could change the way we interact with television. Netflix has chosen the right series to re-introduce a new form of interaction for viewers. An interactive feature in which the people can choose the ending of the episodes offered in "Black Mirror." This presents future broadcasting possibilities. Future technologies is what the show is based on. Today the possibilities of these technologies show us that the future is closer than expected. 

Originally the introducing of the interactive show was attempted with "Puss In Boots" and "Buddy Thunderstruck" in which children had the capability of choosing the storyline."Black Mirror" is expected to have a familiar concept, however the audience is different. With the creativity and writing of "Black Mirror" it will be not be surprising if the network and show come up with a different format for the interactive feature being brought into the series. This highly awaited season is to premiere December 29, according to a report by Bloomberg, and will be a perfect time for them to introduce what could possibly become Netflix’s future programs. It could also change the way viewers will interact with television in 2019.