Fire Breaks Out at SMC Emeritus Campus

On Monday, November 26, the Santa Monica College (SMC) Emeritus campus was evacuated in response to a fire emergency that occurred that afternoon. At 4:06 p.m., the Santa Monica College Police Department (SMCPD) received a phone call claiming a fire had erupted on the second floor of the SMC building, in downtown Santa Monica.

SMCPD Chief Johnnie Adams stated, “We had an alarm and a call of the evacuation and officers responded with what we call ‘Code Three,’ which is lights and sirens to the event. We found that there was an actual fire, the fire department was called as a response.”

Four fire trucks from the Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) arrived on the scene shortly after. SMFD tweeted at 4:15 p.m. that afternoon, “SMFD responding to a Structure Fire 1200 Block of 2nd. Avoid the area, possible delays, hazards.”

Although the extinguishing of the fire caused some water damages throughout the building, all students and staff were safely evacuated from the building and the area remained safe, ensured by SMC safety personnel. Chief Adams stated that, “The fire was put out.” He continued his statement saying, “We feel that we responded to the incident and was able to get everybody out of the building effectively and that the fire department came in and did the job that they needed to do, which was put out the fire.”

SMFD announced at 5:50 p.m., that they had “cleared a Structure Fire Incident #18017384 1200 Block of 2nd.”

All classes at Emeritus were canceled the following day, Tuesday, November 27, while staff notified students and ensured the building was safe for use.