Santa Monica Mayor Urges City Council to Fund Murals on Pico


The Santa Monica city council voted last Tuesday, Feb. 13 to continue their support of the murals painted around the city of Santa Monica by Beautify Earth, the non-profit that raises matching funds making the project possible. This organization has operated as a 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) organization foundation since 2014. 

The council members noted the positive feedback about increased revenue from business owners in areas where previous murals were painted in the city of Santa Monica. The members also brought up “Civic Love”, a new beach cleanup and marketing plan.

State representative council member Kevin McKeown addressed suggestions from members of the Pico neighborhood that the murals would be better accepted if they were more connected to the history community. Beautiful Earth also must ensure that the community is able to give input prior to starting any new murals.

Council member Pam O’Connor brought up whether the murals should stay up temporarily or permanently, due to the cost of maintaining the murals over time. Council member McKeown said in response that the murals are currently planned to be designed as temporary.