Steve Aoki presents KOLONY US Tour

The set began as the house lights dimmed. The beat built up high with sharp drops, then the kick cut through the air. The volume built a buzz overhead, with the flash of the LED lights blasted our eyes, leaving our feet to rock on the dance floor.

Electro house musician and DJ Steve Aoki performed in the Shrine Auditorum and Expo Hall in his hometown of Los Angeles, California on Friday, March 9. The event was part of the tour Aoki started for his fourth studio album Kolony,released on July 21, 2017. The long-haired, party-animal Aoki took his new album Kolony on a 26-day road trip for his North American Tour with Rapper Desiigner and DJ Grandtheft. 

Desiigner, a New York rapper, is known for his singles “Panda” and “Timmy Turner”, and DJ Grandtheft, a Toronto-based producer and DJ, provides a wide variety of EDM and bass music. Special guests on the Kolony North American Tour include: Deorro, W&W, Quintino, Bad Royale, Bok Nero, Max Styler, Party Pupils, Quix, Ricky Remedy, and Samahta on select dates.

“I really like the artists he had featured on this album, this is my first time seeing him and I’ve been a fan for years now," said fan Samantha Stulting. "These kind of events are a different experience from a regular concert because of the lights, and people get more involved in what’s going on instead of there to just listen to the artist sing."

Special guest Styler opened the night by getting the crowd engaged with popular sing along songs mixed with unique bass drops. After, DJ Grandtheft took the stage and the room began to fill, everyone started to vibe to the music. The next guest, Deorro, had a different approach, he sprinkled in Latino style music which lit up the auditorium - front to back.

Panda balloons were then throw into the crowd and as the music played they bounced back and forth between the euphoric fans. When Desiinger came out puffing a huge cloud of smoke, there was a shift in the room as everyone pushed closer to the front. He brought a small group of fans on stage as he danced and sang. Towards the end of his set, he jumped into the crowd and made the Expo Hall shake.

The Kolony base-dropping party tour began in Washington, DC on Feb. 10, 2018 with special guests Bok Nero, Max Styler, Ricky Remedy, and Samahta. Aoki has a group of VIP Packages for fans to enjoy, such as the meet and greet package, “Aoki Jump” package, and “Cake Face” Ultimate VIP package. A dollar from each ticket sold will be donated the Aoki Foundation, an organization which supports brain science and humanitarian crises as well as research areas with a focus on regenerative medicine and brain preservation.

To close the evening, a thin black curtain fluttered to the ground, Aoki appeared and everyone began to scream. He used a visual display behind him that was synced to the rhythm of the music, flashing strobe lights, confetti, and CO2 cannons made his concert the ultimate party experience.

The overall experience brought to many fans an excitement they don't find in other artists. “There’s nothing like the energy rush you get from the music," said Luis Juvenal, one of the concertgoers. "Steve Aoki gets the crowd involved and makes it more of an experience."