How to Live Safe: The App

Screenshot of Live Safe application

Screenshot of Live Safe application

LiveSafe is a safety application that students, faculty, and staff from Santa Monica College can download for free on their smartphones. LiveSafe provides discreet ways to communicate with Santa Monica College safety officials in order to increase protection for the students.

LiveSafe lets students send texts, pictures, and videos to campus police officers in real time while having the choice to remain anonymous. Emergency options will let police know your exact location, and they’ll arrive at the destination as fast as possible. In the app, SafeWalk will let your friends virtually escort you to the bus stop, to your car, or anywhere. It is vital to stay up to date with any emergency alert that is coming from SMC police department.

Many students are unaware of the LiveSafe app that SMC encourages students to download so they can have a safer environment all around campus. SMC student, Mikayla Conley, states that she actually was not aware of the app, but heard about it on the Santa Monica College Facebook page. It is important to make sure that students at SMC can count on the campus for their own safety and well being of others.

Around the first four semesters 84% women end up experiencing assault at a college campus and 19% of women will have the exact same experience their first time at a college. Roughly 6% of men as well will be assaulted at a campus without their knowledge. Since not many stories of men being assaulted are ever heard, it does not mean that it is not happening. 

Another SMC student, Erika Simpson, says she would encourage her friends and peers to download the app. Simpson states, “if there were like in a situation where they’re like alone walking in the middle of the night type thing.” Simpson was referring to students who take night classes because Simpson herself would take them and no one was ever really on campus.

“I would think it greatly benefits the students here because its an open campus, meaning anybody can pretty much walk on here so you never know who you’re going to encounter,” Simpson says.

Many of these perpetrators are known by the victims themselves and even 13% of women at a college campus have reported that they have been stalked during their time attending college. Since LiveSafe has the option of virtually walking with someone, crimes like assault and robbery can be prevented with just a click.

LiveSafe app will fulfill communication within Santa Monica College community, and safety officials in order to increase safety and awareness, and prevent crimes before they occur, and keeping the campus safe.