Despite 9-0 Loss, Corsair Softball Shows Improvement

The Corsair Softball team took the field again today on Tuesday, March 6 against the Bakersfield College Renegades. With high hopes and smiles on their faces, the girls were looking to add another win to their 5-11 record. Unfortunately, they faced a harsh 9-0 defeat, but did not reflect the full story of their game.

The Renegades started off the game strong with nine runs, but once the Corsairs' star player Taylor Liebesman (#23) took the mound, the Renegades offensive onslaught was brought to a halt. When asked about what was working for her on the mound today, Liebesman said, “My curve...I worked with my coach yesterday on my curveball a lot and it seemed to work for me really well. I would mix it up, jam them, and then come in with an off speed (pitch) or an outside (pitch) and it seemed to really work well for me.” Her variety in pitches was effective, as Liebesman did not give up a single run during her time on the mound.

While the Corsairs faced a tough loss, it was a significantly better performance than their prior outings. The team was able to make numerous great plays on defense, and hit the ball much more than they did at the beginning of this season. When asked about the girls individual progression, assistant coach Phillip Gomez said, “I think it’s just experience. Experience in every situation. They’re getting used to it, they’re getting comfortable and they’re learning how to be in that situation as opposed to just watching it from the sidelines...They’re going up against some pretty good athletes, some pretty good teams and they’re learning every moment. They’re fighting, they’re learning, and they’re growing as a result of it.”

With consistent progression and improving skills, the team looks to put it all together in their remaining games of the season and show the rest of their division that the Corsairs are a force to be reckoned with. Their next home game will be tomorrow on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 3 p.m. when the Corsairs will face against the San Bernardino Valley College Wolverines.