Tesla Coming to SMC's Spring 2018 Job Fair

Tesla will be among the 70 companies that will participate in Santa Monica College's Spring 2018 Job Fair this Tuesday, May 8 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at SMC's main campus quad.

“Overall, the Job Fair is a really good experience for students to practice their networking skills to get their resume prepared, and interact with any of these companies,” said Anne Marie Leahy, the career services advisor. “These companies are coming specifically for Santa Monica College students. Majority of them are part-time opportunities which are the feedback we received from the students, but there are some full-time opportunities as well.”

Tesla is one of the employers that students most wanted to come to the Job Fair the most, according to Leahy. It took her a year to get a hold of the company and even met with them in their headquarters all the way in San Mateo.

"It is an amazing opportunity to make a connection with them and learn about what other future opportunities could be available," Leahy said. "We can ask the employers to come, but they're not going to come if they don't have opportunities. But once they're aware of us and our desire and know how amazing our students are, and they do have the opportunity, they keep us in mind."

Tesla will be looking for students to fill positions in sales and customer service. The company also plans to bring a car for display.

Employers in education will also make a big turnout this year. Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Bright Horizons, and ChildCare Careers are just a few of the high number of companies that want to attract students from SMC, known for having one of the best teaching programs. "Education teachers, behavioral interventionist is a huge demand in California," Leahy states.

As for advice on how to do well with employers, Leahy said most of the employers that are coming to SMC want the students to be able to cater their resume for the jobs students are specifically looking for. “Review the opportunities available that will help you focus on the content of your resume and make your plan of acting for the job so you can bring multiple copies of your resume," Leahy said. "Some employers have tuition reimbursement or other benefits that may help you decide which jobs you’d like to apply for.”

Leahy also stated that it is important to keep a small notebook filled with notes to make sure that students remember which employer expects certain requirements, as well as knowing what to do to follow up when applying for a certain position.

The Career Service Center is also available to help students to write their resume. To know more about the list of employers and ways to prepare for the event you can visit the website www.smc.edu/jobfair