Gov. Newsom Visits SoCal to Talk Homelessness

Governor Gavin Newsom will be traveling to Southern California this week to participate in a roundtable discussion addressing the state's homelessness crisis. He will meet with service providers and local officials in the hopes of finding new solutions to a rapidly growing problem.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, approximately 130,000 Californians were homeless in 2018, with a majority of the homeless population being unsheltered. In 2018, the city of Santa Monica reported a 4% increase in its homeless population, with the count rising to 957 people.

The homelessness crisis has extended to college students, as well. A recent report by the California Assembly Speaker's Office of Research and Floor Analysis revealed that one in four community college students were homeless or housing insecure in recent years.  

In order to assist the homeless or housing insecure student population, the California State Assembly has proposed Assembly Bill (AB) 302, which would require community colleges to allow homeless students access to overnight parking. AB 302 has drawn attention to Santa Monica College's (SMC) commitment to supporting its homeless and housing insecure students.

Additionally, the state has allocated $500 million to build emergency shelters, navigation centers, and supportive housing. According to the Governor's office, Gov. Newsom's Homelessness Roundtable will focus on the state's cost crisis and solutions for homelessness.