2019 Associated Student Election Results

Infographic of election results by Conner Savage

Infographic of election results by Conner Savage

Associate Dean of Student Life, Dr. Nancy Grass, announced the winners of the election on March 29 during an election committee meeting at the Cayton Center conference room.

According to Dr. Grass, there was a higher-than-average student turnout of 2,379 votes.

Here are the results:

  • President - Daniel Cha (Campus Empowerment)

  • Student Trustee - Brooke Harrington (Students United for Progress)

  • Secretary - Nathan Silberberg (Campus Empowerment)

  • Director of Budget Management - Skander Zmerli (Campus Empowerment)

  • Director of Student Assistance - Tatiana Quinceno (Campus Empowerment)

  • Director of Instructional Support - Jisoo Kim (Campus Empowerment)

  • Director of Outreach - Tafari Alan (Students United for Progress)

  • Director of Community Relations - Ching Yi Yu (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)

  • Director of Student Advocacy - Summer Le (Campus Empowerment)

  • Director of Activities - Carla Tatiana Claure (Students United for Progress)

  • Director of Publicity - David Alexander Contreras (Freedom Voice)

  • Director of Sustainability - Hunter Baoengstrum (Students United for Progress)

    This election was particularly successful for the Campus Empowerment slate, a campus group whose members secured positions in every race they ran in. The newly elected A.S. board members will take office in the Fall 2019 semester.