Louis Vuitton Exhibition

Louis Vuitton is a name that has stood the test of time for over a century. In honor of 160 years, Louis Vuitton’s Brand Representative decided it was time to educate society about the global fashion empire’s history, and came up with a global exhibit known as Louis Vuitton X. This exhibit will be on 468 N Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills and go from June 28th to November 10th. Many of these global exhibits feature collaborations with Louis Vuitton and famous artists from around the world.

All throughout the Los Angeles exhibit, each room is dedicated to a portion of Louis Vuitton’s historic attributes as well as its more modern aspects and designs. The last exhibit, you enter a dark room where the only light is from the screening of Louis Vuitton’s timeline played on a continuous loop. Each screen displayed a clip of Louis Vuitton’s history from 1854 to present. In the center of the dark room was a case. The audience is meant to feel as if they had just opened a “time capsule.” The box itself representing the unopened history of the global industry that is Louis Vuitton. This exhibit tells the story of one man with a passion for creativity and how he created the global fashion empire, Louis Vuitton.