Happy 140 Birthday to Ghandi!

Mohandas Ghandi helped bring freedom for his people while showing the world the success of non-violence. Students for Social Justice and the Associated Students highlight Ghandi's life in a short presentation last Thursday.


The early 140th birthday of civil-rights leader Mohandas Ghandi (1869-1948) was celebrated last Thursday at Santa Monica College, hosted by the Associated Students and Students for Social Justice. The event took place at the campus quad, where SSJ members spoke to the audience about Ghandi and his life accomplishments.


Ghandi fought for the justice and the rights of his people during the Indian Independence Movement. Hisuse of non-violence methods influenced much of the world . Ghandi believed that peaceful civil-disobedience is the only remedy to a violent situation.


The celebration began with SSJ member, Cameron Quinn, introducing the audience to Mohandas Ghandias an "apostle of non-violence." Using only peaceful forms of , Ghandi and his followers overcame British tyranny in India, changing the course of history without the use of violence. Quinn thanked the audience for attending the occasion, saying it was a "celebration of philosophy."


In his honor, SSJ member and Corsair writer, Carly Gillis, read one of Ghandi's works titled, "Non-Violence- The Greatest Force." In the piece, Ghandi asks what will become of the future with nations like America and England exploiting less-developed countries around the world. "An armed conflict between nations horrifies us, but the economic war is no better than an armed conflict," read Gillis.


The celebration continued with SSJ members Natasha Gorodnitski and Kaleigh Aucoin sharing words of appreciation for Ghandi. They also voiced their own concerns for the world today. Gorodnitski talked about how society today is claiming the earth for their ownand selling it in the same manner as the British when they took control of the land in Indian. "Air is the most essential component of life," said Gorodnitski, "modern civilization has even put a price on air." Gorodnitski explains that one must pay more to live in an area with clean air, such as Santa Monica, in comparison to the air quality in Los Angeles, where rent is cheaper.  


As the event came to an end, Quinn invited the audience to sing happy birthday to Mohandas Ghandi, on his special day.