Paranormal Buzz

Taunting a demonic spirit is not the way to go when you're human and helpless inside of your home.  

Unfortunately, this memo was not passed on to couple Katie and Micah early on. By the time Micah finally took the spirit seriously, it was too late.

"Paranormal Activity" takes the audience inside the lives of Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat in their search to find what is causing terror in their suburban home in San Diego. The story begins when Micah decides to videotape their lives, inside of their home, after Katie starts to experience weird events in the house. Although Micah hopes this will prove to Katie she is simply imagining things, he receives the shock of his life when Katie confesses these paranormal activities have been happening to her since she was eight years old.

Once the lights are off and the couple is in bed, the mysterious occurrences begin.   

Less is more in this film. It does not involve chainsaws, deformed faces, or gore that the film drags the audience in. It involves the daily small fears we have all experienced, which causes the audience to jump in their seats. Little things like creaking noises, lurking shadows, slamming doors, and loud thumps send the audience in a suspense roller coaster anticipating what awaits them towards the end.

Like the "Blair Witch Project," it is the unknown in "Paranormal Activity" that frightens the audience.

According to many who have watched the film, "Paranormal Activity" is the scariest movie of the decade and some say millennium. Tino Reynoso, 21, said, "This is by far the best horror flick I have seen. It tops every other film." David Chacon, 19, said, "It had me at the edge of my seat. 'Paranormal Activity' is the only horror movie that has made me scream and jump in terror." Monica Herrera, 16, said, "It is a must see movie! I still am not able to sleep after days of watching it."

Considering that there was a total of only four actors in the film and Peli's budget was $15,000, "Paranormal Activity" is an outstanding piece of work. It had every audience member's heart racing, body jumping with fear, and screaming in their seats.

The $15,000 budget film was shot with in the span of a week by writer and first time director Oren Peli in 2006. With the help of a small hand held camera and amateur shooting by two unknown actors, Peli's horror vision came to life.

"Paranormal Activity" was first shown to the public in 2007's Screaming Film Festival where Peli gave out as many copies of his dvd to anyone who would take one. With luck, one copy of the film made its way into the hands of Steven Spielberg in 2008. Spielberg was excited about the film and worked with the Paramount team to release the film nationwide but was unsuccessful.

It was not until its release to the public two weeks ago in the Telluride Film Festival that the film began to gain positive reviews online. With the help of, people now had the power to demand the film to be shown in their city. The outcome of the film was now in their hands.  

I demanded it!

Since then, has been flooded with demands to bring the highly anticipated horror movie "Paranormal Activity" to their city. The demands have now reached one million and the once small indie film is now opening nationwide.

Peli is now working on his new film "Area 51."