A Coming-of-Age story tale of an intellectual, independent woman in the 1950's

An Education is a dark Coming-of-Age romance between a young, intellectual girl Jenny (Carey Mulligan) and a delightfully charming, but much older man David (Peter Sarsgaard). It is based on an autobiographical memoir, sharing the same title, written by the British journalist Lynn Barber. Nick Hornby wrote the screenplay, also known for writing novels turned into movies, Fever Pitch, About a Boy, and High Fidelity.

Starring Academy Award winner Peter Sarsgaard, and first time lead role Carey Mulligan, the rapid relationship took place post-war 1950's in suburban London. Naïve Jenny learns what life in lavish art world truly was. It is a witty introspection on each character's cynical pursuit as Jenny's father pushing for her to make something for herself and to study at Oxford. While Jenny's temptation leads causes her to lead her own life and leave behind her schoolgirl lifestyle for a world she's never known.

Carey Mulligan is a new star, often being nick-named as the "new Audrey Hepburn." Her character Jenny captivates the audience right from the start with her witty attitude and darling look. Peter Sarsgaard's character David reels us in with his delightful smile and boyish charm that promises opportunity. This movie will win over praise and attention, as it never ceases to disappointment from the cohesive cast to the vintage soundtrack.