"Aqua Teen Hunger Force" brings laughter to the El Rey

Fans of Adult Swim, a late-night network for adults that shares channel space with the Cartoon Network, lined up under the neon lights of the El Rey theatre for an evening of some brash comedy sketches last Tuesday. "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," comprised two-thirds of the Adult Swim show, which offered a mean, raw and highly sexualized evening of comedy. Actors and comedians Dana Snyder and Dave Willis took the stage in uncensored, Adult Swim fashion by performing a variety of explicit sketches that often involved the audience. A sample of the upcoming show "Squidbillies" was previewed for the audience, along with the bonus of viewing the 100th episode of "Aqua Teen."

Fan and spectator Satham Narang loved the live performances, and the 100th episode especially stood out to him. "It was hands down the best part [of the night]," he said.

Snyder and Willis entered the stage and were greeted with thunderous applause and wild shout-outs. Willis started the evening by asking audience members to refrain from sex during the show.

Los Angeles' reputation as the entertainment capital of the world became comedic fodder. Audience members were asked to keep calm in the presence of the comedians' "amazingness" and not be star struck.

Some did not really know what to expect from the show. Burbank resident Matthew Verbois was pleasantly surprised by the spectacle. "It was fun," he said. "I really enjoyed it. I especially liked that they ended with an [Aqua Teen] episode.

The "Hunger Force" trio of Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake, plus their annoying next-door neighbor Carl Brutananadilewski, premiered in 2000. In the sitcom, the three junk food characters – a pack of fries, a red meatball, and a milk shake – all live together in a run-down house in a New Jersey suburb.

The event contest, "Show us your Meatwad," brought members of the audience on stage to showcase their best Meatwad impersonations.

Snyder later introduced a witty character from the upcoming show "Squidbillies." A pink, elderly, squid puppet named Granny took the stage with Snyder's aid.

Though the "Aqua Teen" live show did not solely revolve around the "Hunger Force," it was the fans' favorite part of the evening. "Seeing Granny made me even more jazzed about [Squidbillies]," said Jennifer Christine from Palm Springs. The reason to come to the show was obvious for Christine: "Dana Snyder of course," she said with a smile.