Broken Social Scene matures in new "Record"

Apart from their name, Broken Social Scene is anything but broken. After a long hiatus, the seven-member group has reunited to introduce avid indie music listeners to their latest album, "Forgiveness Rock Record."

Unlike past albums, which were presented as a melodic rhythm with a melancholy undertone, "Forgiveness Rock Record" proved that the band has matured to a state of being more audacious with their songs and lyrics this time around.

Hailing from Toronto, the Canadian indie rock band first stepped out in the music scene in 1999 with founding members Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew adding seventeen additional members to create the band Broken Social Scene.

The band has come a long way from having nineteen members to a solid seven (with the exception of a few contributors). While the band never actually broke up, a few of the current members, including Leslie Feist and lead guitarist Andrew Whiteman, worked on side projects and solo acts.

"Forgiveness Rock Record" features a more seasoned sound from Broken Social Scene, as they came back with their music goods and showcased a wide range of diversity while still exhibiting their orchestral sound.

With experimental tracks like "All to All," Broken Social Scene utilized their talent for synthesizers and vocal alteration. In other aspects of the album, the band utilized classical instruments to show their fans the range of diversity they are capable of, while still keeping the same sound that put them on the charts to begin with.

This new album brings a sense of change to the band's earlier sound and shows that a rarified and refined evolution by any band can be captivating for fans. If you prefer to listen to a band that actually has something relevant to say, compared to commercialized hits on the radio, then this album is something to invest in.

Broken Social Scene has proved to be a collaboration of talented musicians. With "Forgiveness Rock Record," the band clearly shows what they are capable of, captivating with their broad spectrum of sound and whimsical instrumentation and vocals.