Delyla Majeedian

People have many struggles in life, but learn to overcome them. One person who has led me to this belief is my mother, Sara Yamini. She always dreamed of the fairy tale life, with a cute little house with white shutters and a swing in the front yard, but growing up she didn't really have a father. Her mom (my grandma "mamuli") would always tell her and her brother what a horrible person he was and how violently he treated her. When my mom and Uncle Nicholas reached the ages of 13 and 16, Mamuli sent them to America for a better life and greater opportunities.

She has gone through through so much in her life, but nothing can compare to the near-death experience she overcame. When I was in first grade she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we never thought she would survive. She went through all the intensive treatments, like chemotherapy and is currently taking one pill for the rest of her life. Her body doesn't look the same; she is internally and externally scarred, but she has gained the power and strength to not let little things ruin her day or even bring her down.