Flying Lotus


San Fernando Valley native and electronic hip hop producer Steven Ellison a.k.a. Flying Lotus, released a seven track EP on September 20 after the success of his third album, "Cosmogramma," released earlier this year in May.


Unlike most remixes, which are usually good or competent, "Pattern + Grid World" sounds fully formed, precise and assembles Ellison's most jazz-infused and synth-loving release to date. Despite its barely twenty minute run time, the ideas at play on this EP are similar to those on "Cosmogramma." Yet it crawls into a deeper electronic territory.

The first track, "Clay," is big with retro-synthesized sounds and slightly unsuited melodies over a classic rattling beat. "Pieface," however, takes a simpler direction-- made up of repetitive build-ups and energetic snare roll samples.

"Time Vampires" and "Jurassic Notion/M Theory" are both more mellow tracks that demonstrate influences that are found in earlier cuts.

"Kill Your Co-Workers" is probably the biggest highlight of the seven-track compilation. Built around a lo-fi drum-machine pattern and a joyful melody, it is energetic and has quite the playful charm to it. In fact, "Pattern + Grid World" is generally Flying Lotus at his most fun and playful.

Overall this EP is no radical separation from his earlier pieces. A few songs barely break the three-minute mark, which makes it an easy album to listen to. "Pattern + Grid World" does not feel like it is intended to be taken as any kind of experimentation or new outlook, but more as a lucid companion to "Cosmograma." It is made up of ideas created from the same inspirations as the record but needed to be expressed on its own. In that sense it is certainly a good consistent and enjoyable release.

It displays some brilliant new ideas while continuing to spontaneously spark the magic that Flying Lotus has been using to make a name for himself. Flying Lotus is a man who looks like he's always having a lot of fun when creating music, and it's very impressive that he does it simply with a MacBook and an Ableton controller.