Maroon 5 Releases Third Album "Hands All Over"

  Maroon 5's back with their third studio album, "Hands All Over" (Deluxe Edition) released last Wednesday from A&M/Octone records, which cooks up tunes that groove everywhere.

In comparison to the Los Angeles-based quintet's first album, "Songs About Jane," this release was covered with even more diversity. With the first single, "Misery," the clear hit, stands out on its own; a rather infectious high-stepping melody, reminiscent of "This Love" and snippets of "Sunday Morning." Its acoustic passion-filled version speaks a much sweeter message.

Maroon 5's fans will get a kick when they check out songs like the propulsive track, "Stutter," which showcases Adam's voice to the hilt; depicting an irreverent trance fantasy in the Maroon 5 language.

The sharp and aberrant "Never Gonna Leave This Room" was like a ‘90s mix of pop/rock with nods to the Gin Blossoms. It was apparent that nearly half the album reminded me of 90s Top 40.

A steel departure for the band was "Out of Goodbyes," a country ballad that features Nashville's own Lady Antebellum. "We've always loved country music," Levine says, "and they brought that necessary twang to it with the lap steels, ambient guitar, and Hilary Scott's pretty voice." Sweet and subdued reminds me of "She Will Be Loved" infused with a Taylor Swift-like sound. The blend of Levine's and Scott's voices paint a beautiful work of heartbreak.

The band's album title track, "Hands All Over," is a freakish, sleek and sexy track with a "Pour Some Sugar on Me" vibe. Sounds like a power ballad outlining that carefree "rock on" feeling. Though with all this, it's not shocking with producer Lange's stamp all over it.

Although it may seem like a lot of the tracks on "Hands" are reincarnations of the B-side to the Bee Gees, the bands shows its blue-eyed soul with "Give A Little More," a Jamiroquai-esq sound reminiscent of something from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

British rock was sprinkled over the track "Get Back In My Life," featuring the synthesized craziness influenced by The Beatles.

Maroon 5 is a band for every taste. When they put out new material, they mature and stay current. With the lyric, "I wanna feel your heart beat like yesterday" from the sophisticated "I Can't Lie," can put anybody in a great mood.

The album concludes its 17 track run with a bluesy live cover of "If I Ain't Got You" a relaxed lounged version from Alicia Keys' staple.

The majority of "Hands" delivers a sly spin on their normal pop/fun-loving tunes from the past. The entire record is a journey of swinging relationships with undoubtedly the most recognizable voice in pop music, co-writer and lead singer Adam Levine, who outdoes his creativity in "Hands." There really wasn't a track to skip. Everything on the record had something to offer. For those who don't buy into smart rockin' fluff, these guys own it proudly.