LA Auto Show 2010

Last Thursday night the LA Auto Show 2010 opened up its doors to curious car enthusiasts and charity event patrons for Susan Silbert's One Voice charity organization. The tickets went from 125 or 250 dollars per person. Silbert discussed her excitement regarding the events turnout and her up-and-coming food drive. The environment left us with the perfect intimate opportunity to view the cars which waited for Saturday and Sunday's inevitable busy foot traffic.

For some car companies such as Lotus, Nissan, and Cadillac this was a big step towards a completely new direction verses previous directions taken within the manufactures. For instance Lotus released their first four-door vehicle, Nissan offered a completely 100% emissions free electrical vehicle, and Cadillac revamped their urban luxury design. Other companies, like Ford, seemed to swap their styles for something with an Asian influence.  Subaru's new design resembled that of a Chevrolet family style car.

103 years into the LA car show, moments of imagination and styles of the future are starting to take new shapes, sizes, and risks aiming at a more efficient earth friendly approach to the streets.  It seemed very apparent, while walking throughout the automobiles on display at the convention center this night, that this industry is stretching its creative legs in the name of smaller, faster, thoughtful, and more technologically advanced machines hopefully leaving less of a carbon footprint.

"The interior is made of partially recycled plastic bottles,"said Chad Fishburne, marketing rep for Nissan, when talking about the LEAF. He also mentioned that the batteries from these cars, when finished, get sent to a wind farm as apart of their recycling plans.