Bright Eyes brightens the indie world once again

After four years of silence from The Bright Eyes, the group has come back with a new sound and more confidence in themselves and their music, making "The People's Key" their best album to date.  

"Hold on tight beginner's mind; The currents far too strong; It'll carry you along; Till you're just like everyone," sings Conor Oberst off of one of their new tracks.  After listening to this album one can tell that Oberst is surely no beginner and without a doubt different from everyone else. 

Compared to the group's previous albums, the last which was released in 2007, Oberst's sound has bits of electronic tones and distortion, as he has slightly turned away from his old sound.  No longer rootsy and Americana as they have been labeled in the past, Bright Eyes uses keyboards, electric guitars, and some drum-programming to liven their beats.  Paired with lyrics that sound wiser and more experienced, this album was a very good listen.

Though they still have kept a few similarities in their work, such as the offbeat commentary on the introductory song on the record, it truly seems to be a different group.  Their previous albums contained lyrics that were sullen, deep in thought, and confused.  Now, Oberst comes off as a true songwriter who has found himself musically, opposed to simply a bright-eyed Indie-kid.  "The Peoples Key" is his eighth album, and his progress and change throughout his career is exciting.

"Shell Games" and "One For You, One For Me" will definitely brighten one's mood, and were both great additions to their album.  Several other tracks such as "Approximate Sunlight" and "Ladder Song" are slower paced and lingering.

"The People's Key" was definitely worth the four-year wait, and Bright Eyes fans should all be proud and enthusiastic.  The album begins with commentary on spirits and space and extraterrestrials, and with several strange lyrics in their songs like in "Haile Selassie", the adventuresome songwriting is lively, upbeat and a step away from past influences.  

In support of their new album, Bright Eyes will be touring for the first time since their last album Cassadega, tour dates will be available at