Bayside delivers another solid album after a long wait

After three years since their last album, some help from former Pixies producer Gil Norton, and a new record label, Bayside is back with their fifth album, "Killing Time."

The alternative punk band that formed in Brooklyn in 2000, have gathered a cult following so devoted the band sells hoodies on their website with "CULT" emblazoned on them.

They are known for catchy, sing-along, punk anthems full of angst and those are not hard to find on "Killing Time."

The album kicks off fast and strong, treading familiar territory, with "Already Gone" and leading into single "Sick, Sick, Sick." These two openers are a good way to set the layout for the rest of the album.

The speed soon detours into the mid-tempo "Mona Lisa," which brings the band to a different sound.

Bayside has been more than just partial to pop melodies, even borrowing from ABBA in the past with their 2007 single "Carry On." They continue to blend those melodies with a punk frame and delivery, while developing their sound further.

With songs like "It's Not A Bad Little War" and "The Wrong Way," with lyrics like, "You're the type of girl who puts on cyanide perfume/then asks for kisses on the neck from every boy in the room," Bayside shows that they are still a solid punk band and far from going mainstream.

Amidst all of the high energy tracks, "On Love, On Life" sticks out as the slow, contemplative song that almost seems obligatory on punk albums these days, piano chords included.

The album has a slight pop edge, using melodies that sound like more familiar hits. In the title track, you could almost expect them charging mid-song into a punk cover of Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me."

"Killing Time" may not be their album that converts many more members into the cult, but it is definitely one that will appease the devout.

Bayside has joined the Vans Warped Tour four times in the past, amassing a larger following at each stop. This year they are co-headlining Hot Topic's Take Action Tour with fellow former Victory Records label mates Silverstein.

Currently on tour in Australia, Bayside blows through The House of Blues in West Hollywood May 12.  Visit for more information.