Paleyfest 2011 is headed our way!

PaleyFest is an annual event with a core focus on how television affects and influences our lives. It showcases today's pop culture phenomenon in a series of panels. Rounding out PaleyFest's 2011 lineup are some of television's most popular shows, including, The Walking Dead, Community, Glee, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, True Blood, Supernatural and more.

At each event, there will be clips shown before an interactive panel period begins with the cast and creators of the given show.

This year will mark the twenty-eighth anniversary that the festival has been running. PaleyFest is a celebration of "television's rich and diverse programming and the creative process behind the medium", as stated on their website, at

The event has attracted the attention of many over the years for its perceptive look into the world of television and what makes a show a success.

PaleyFest is an event suited for fans looking to get an insider's peek into some of their favorite shows. It is also a wonderful event for anyone involved in the entertainment industry to learn and discover through some of televisions best.

The immense creative effort made by the casts and crews of these television programs is worth celebrating. PaleyFest is held as opportunity to honor their efforts and pride their pop culture successes.

The event will occur from March 4 to March 17 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. It will kick off with AMC's smash-hit, "The Walking Dead".

William S. Paley, founder of the Paley Center for Media, was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry during his life. Paley was responsible for the rise of CBS and his legacy of preserving, studying and celebrating media lives on in his achievements.

PaleyFest is a fantastic event to attend for an in-depth look into the pop culture marvels that have become so prominent in our lives.