Pinkies up and dollars down

The best things in life are free – and that includes savory, faux-breakfast burgers. Just ask private caterer and chef Christian Navarro. Last weekend, Navarro hosted a small event in the heart of Woodland Hills where he grilled free/pay-what-you-want burgers. The meaty delectable held the obligatory patty, caramelized onions, thick slices of pork belly bacon, and an egg cooked at 63 degrees, all wrapped and contained in a large baguette.

Inspired by the famous burgers from "Father's Office," Navarro added his own style and flair to the meal, dubbing it a "Mother's Office" sandwich. "Because mom will let you do things dad won't," Navarro joked.

This isn't the first time Navarro's hosted an event in which he's cooked for practically no cost. One of his first professional events was a benefit in the Philippines for cerebral palsy, and he also likes to volunteer at least once a month for the LA Food Bank. "I think there's a certain depth of doing something like that," he said.

Navarro's culinary career started when he was young, first learning how to cook rice. Now in his sixth year of cooking professionally, Navarro caters private parties and events – but never forgetting what really matters.

"It's all about good food and friends, so that's how it is," Navarro said.

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