80s band Devo rocks Club Nokia

More than just a one hit wonder, Devo graced the stage of Club Nokia this past Saturday in downtown L.A. One of the most original acts currently playing today, their live show is designed to entertain any type of fan, from the casual listener to the hardcore Devo-head. Their hit song, "Whip It," is notorious as one of the great hits of the 1980's.

Opening up for Devo was a band named "The Octopus Project." Not only does the name stick out like a sore thumb, but also the music itself turned out to be a slightly experimental electro-rock session with feel-good dance vibes and intricate solos. Leaving the crowd in an amped mood, the vibe was soon to be enhanced by the headliner, who put on an innovative and mind blowing show.

Devo's opening number opened with an explosion of lights, video, audio, and theatrics. Each band member sported silver jumpsuits with matching silver masks, leaving the impression that they were not perhaps an 80's cult favorite, but giving off the portrayal of intergalactic travelers who had come to earth with the power of rock.

Devo's sound is a mix of 80's punk and synthetic rock, giving it a techno-like appeal that fits in with the generations new-aged music. Their shows are a psychedelic science fiction wonderland of flashing lights and videos of cartoons. At one point the band stepped off stage for an outfit change leaving the audience entertained during their absence with a movie. This kind of high quality performance truly shows Devo's experience, and that it's clear that over the past few decades they've really built a legacy.

The most entertaining aspect of the show itself was watching all of the long term fans of Devo lose themselves to the music.

Lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh changed one last time towards the end of the set into his signature Booji Boy outfit, a wacky character with a high-pitched falsetto voice which Devo has become famous for.

Mark generally sings Devo's hit "Beautiful World," at the end of the night, and this time was no different. This satirical ending was sort of the climax of an evening ruled by Devo's comedic genius, a driving force behind many of their performances.

Devo will be wrapping up their tour before the end of March, playing in Houston, Dallas, and Austin Texas on the 25th, 26th, and 27th, respectively.