Runway Our Way - High Waists and Crop Tops

It's time for a lesson in the history of fashion, my dears; fashion is changing, style is timeless. Trends that were once popular always come back with a modern twist. No matter the trend, no matter the time, what truly defines style is the individual. This week we wanted to discuss crop tops and high-waisted items.  For years, the high-waisted trend has been a popular and flattering fashion staple. You can wear these trends separately or even pair them together.  Crop tops with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or shorts highlight the waist subtly.

We have seen these timeless trends in the spring collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Mulberry.  The bright peach high-waisted pants of Mulberry compliment the adorable button down blouse tucked that is neatly tucked in. In their spring collection, YSL takes a cropped top and pairs it with a flowing high-waisted skirt to add definition to both the top and skirt, and to highlight the waist of the wearer.

Although the topic of cropped tops may cause discomfort for some due to unwanted belly exposure (uh oh!), there is no need to fear! Cropped tops still hold effect with a longer top underneath, which is always fun for a layering effect. High-waisted items are flattering on everyone and are wearable for any season. So don't be shy, it's time to expand your fashion horizons and explore new trends!

In the end, it is important to remember that its' not about the price of the clothes nor the designer who makes them. Fashion is truly determined by the person who decides to step out of the house in switchback heels instead of flip flops, and who favors a peacoat over a sweatshirt, and who adores developing their own style. For fashion can be found anywhere, and style can be found within anyone.