Chic de la boxing

The adrenaline and anxiety rushes to your head as the trainer wraps your hands with the boxing tape. You step in front of the punching bag with your gloves at your side all the while questioning what this workout will bring. You are now ready to begin the workout. Miguel Delabarracuda, owner of De La Barracuda on Melrose, holds classes in his pseudo clothing boutique, hair salon and newly added boxing studio Monday thru Friday at 12 pm and 7 pm with boxer and trainer Alex Brenes.

To coincide with Delabarracuda's athletic space, he created a line of clothing named after himself ranging from women's and men's shirts, jackets, and hats.

Delabarracuda's art space turned workout space has evolved into a place where people of all sorts can work out and embrace their inner Oscar De La Hoya.

"It feels like my whole body has been worked out," said Heather Berry, one participant. "It is fun cardio and good music."

Brenes offers a different variety of fitness combination with each session attended. "It is not like a Richard Simmons workout where you just stand around; you are getting ready for the ring," said Brenes in regards to the workout he gives his classes.

De La Barracuda's friend and business partner, Jaime Camil, flew Brenes out to Los Angeles to initiate the boxing project that began this month. The studio offered free classes for the month of March to help promote the launch party of the boxing center in April.  The partners created the area after wanting to do something sports related with their Mexican roots; the boxing arena came to life soon after.

"It is not as intimidating as other boxing clubs; it is laid back with the same work out," said Camil.

De La Barracuda's work space has been used for a plethora of things, however he assures his clients that "this is the same Barracuda [they] know, but on steroids…no, no steroids."