Wiz Khalifa rolls up another album

The highly anticipated first major label album release by Wiz Khalifa titled, Rolling Papers under Atlantic Records, hit shelves last Tuesday.  Wiz is known for hits such as, "Black and Yellow,"and "In Da Cut,"plus popular mix tapes like, "Kush and OJ,"and "Burn After Rolling."

The album cover sets the tone right away, featuring Wiz's face surrounded by a cloud of smoke highlighted by green lighting, giving Wiz an almost ghostly and eerie feel.  The music is classic laidback Wiz and covers his usual topics: smoking weed, spending money, getting girls, drinking champagne, and living life the Taylor Gang way. The Taylor Gang is Wiz's group of friends whom accompany him almost anywhere.

On the second track as well as one of the album's singles, "On My Level", Wiz exemplifies why he is more green than most environmentalists.  From the beginning it's a catchy, slow song that lures the listener into a trance, while jumpstarting you're heart every few seconds with a spooky beat.  The chorus repeats, "I'm on my level," referring to a regular night of drinking and smoking for Wiz. 

Too $hort appears to be made for the song.  With his distinct voice, he compliments Wiz and the lyrics, which imply they are a club-hopping duo that nobody wants to mess with and all the girls want. 

The following track, "Black and Yellow", produced by StarGate, is probably the most notable song of the album.  Wiz shows how he can use the same three words and create a catchy chorus.  The beat connects Wiz with the listeners and makes them subconsciously hum "Black and Yellow," even when they're done listening to the song. The single became a huge hit especially while the Superbowl was going on, where fans could relate to their favorite team the Pittsburg Steelers, as their team colors were black and yellow.

During, "Get You're Shit", produced by I.D. Labs, Wiz tells the story of a tough relationship with a girl.  He explains how badly he wants to stay together, but knows it's not possible. For the most part, the song flows well, and Wiz uses his harmonic flow and catchy chorus to carry the song. It's a good song to drive to, but as soon you listen to the lyrics, they become relatable to most of his other songs.

By far the most unique and interesting song on the album was "Fly Solo (produced by I.D. Labs)."  When the song kicks off, the beat makes you wonder if you accidently downloaded a Jack Johnson song in which the beat is focused on the guitar. Besides displaying strong vocal range, Fly Solo, is a repetitive theme.

Wiz also has songs with rappers Curren$y and Chevy Woods making the tightly rolled 14 tracks run just under an hour.

 Rolling Papers sets Wiz apart from other artists because of his unique style.  While always known for a pop-like style, Wiz changes it up and goes a little over the top in this one, but his iconic laugh, and smooth rhythm aren't enough to carry the album overall.