Bat day at Disneyland


Every year, the happiest place on Earth is filled with darkness.  Not in a scary way, nor in an alienating way.  In fact, despite the facial jewelry, black Edwardian costumes, and cyber-goth dreadlocks, Disneyland remains the happiest place on Earth for myriads of mirthful miscreants who descend upon the park every year to celebrate Bats Day.   

While it isn't an officially recognized Disneyland event, it has occurred annually since 1998, when Noah Korda decided to organize a day of family fun for his eccentric friends.  It has since evolved into a Day of the Disney Dead that brings in thousands.  This macabre masquerade might seem like something worth avoiding, but all it does is add some different faces to Disneyland's already extensive repertoire of characters.

This year's Bats Day events consisted of a dinner on Friday night called The Nightmare Before Bats Day. Saturday afternoon a Bats Day Black Market was held at the Doubletree hotel in Anaheim where attendees could purchase creepy art, books, collectables, and clothing. Later that evening was the Bats Day Happy Haunts Swinging Wake. Guests in attendance were asked to dress as the dead and celebrate the afterlife all night.

The weekend concluded on Sunday with the 13th annual Bats Day in the Fun Park.  This dark holiday, which coincided with Mother's Day, brought together an eclectic group of moms and members of alternative subcultures.