Hangover part 2 breaks previous box office record

The first Hangover film was such a big sensation worldwide that a second one was destined to happen.  No one guessed that it would be almost alike, just with a change of scenery, and instead of a baby, a monkey. The Hangover 2 lived up to its hype and delivered wild yet ill-mannered humor just like the original. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, and Justin Bartha all returned for the sequel and did not disappoint. With big expectations to top the first one, or at least make it as funny, it was already a difficult task, but the actors were up for it. Galifianakis was at his usual best, without even having to say a word; he captivated the audience and spurred them into a laughing tirade. Helms played the ever-monotonous dentist, Stu, who is about to get married in Thailand. While Phil and Doug are invited to the wedding, Alan at first is not because Stu despises him. After a discussion at brunch, Doug and Phil convince Stu to invite Alan, reluctantly.

Like the original, they have a bachelor party that turns out to be much more the next morning.  With Stu´s soon-to-be wife´s 16 year-old little brother Teddy joining in the action, they are responsible for his well-being and of course lose him in the process. This is all to Alan´s dismay as he is not part of the "Wolf Pack", Alan´s made up name for their group.

While Teddy has a major role because of the consequences of losing him, he does not appear much in the film. Bartha yet again stars in the film at the beginning but rarely sees camera time as he fades into the background like the original.

The plot and jokes, are very similar, but the movie and actors still manage to set the tone for many laughs and gazes of bewilderment. It really is the same movie, yet it is successfully able to draw an audience to its feet.

The film was produced by Legendary Pictures. Production began in October 2010 and was released in the United States on May 26. Early scenes were set in Los Angeles, but filming took place primarily in Bangkok. The Hangover 2 raked in $30 million on Friday night, showing almost no drop from its $31 million on opening day Thursday.

The movie is rated R due to its sheer amount of nudity, obscene language, and drug use. Some parts were clearly unnecessary and disgusting, but those scenes were part of the movie and provided for humor and detail later on. And while there were numerous insolent scenes that some audiences might not enjoy, those vile scenes were somehow overshadowed by the pure humor and wit delivered mainly by Galifianakis, Helms, and Jeong.

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson returns for a small cameo at the end. The Hangover 2 is Rated R, so it is not a movie a person would take their young children to watch, leave that for Kung Fu Panda 2. If one so happens to enjoy wild humor, drug dealing monkeys, and  a former heavyweight champion singing and dancing, then The Hangover 2 is the movie to watch.