He Said/She Said:

HE SAID: WTF are you thinking? Are you purposely digging yourself into the friendless corner of the quad? Here's why: douche-y guy dates douche-y girl and their trust for the poor unfortunate soul who has to try to figure out what she wants out of a relationship issue that is clearly not resolved is going to get you in trouble.

What you need and must do is to take control of this situation and confront the couple, giving them an ultimatum. Tell them that if they don't tell her, then you will. Give them a date so that when the truth comes out, you wont be the backstabbing girlfriend who hid something from your friend. You will be the hero because you made a change in her life, and it will be a positive one.

You have to look at the whole situation. Many issues are at play here.

There is an obvious lack of honesty, trust, and loyalty among all members of this love triangle who are acting immaturely. Secondly, you are faced with a basic ethical situation as a friend with a duty to fill. Finally, not having an agent to book them on the Jerry Springer show if it was still on.

Lying leads to more lying which leads to more people being hurt. Is this what you consider friendship? Sign me up for the enemies if that's the case. If you trust and are loyal to your girl friend, then you have to do the right thing.

Clearly these kids have been watching "Lames of Our Lives" and cannot properly assess the situation. I know there is a new mentality in the 21st "Emo" Century, but it comes down to basic concepts of friendship, love, and relationships.

Since you have now been enrolled in the "Lames of Our Lives" telenovela, you want to come out as the savior, not the spoiler. You want to be able to walk into a room and not be pointed at as the "one who couldn't be brave enough to do the right thing."

For freak's sake, Jersey Shore is on MTV. We don't need more drama in our lives.

I say, give them the ultimatum, and if they don't comply, then tell your girlfriend about her douche-y ex and her classless, unloyal friend. That way you will have stood up for your own morals and strengthened a friendship. That's what friends are for.



Honey, my best advice to you is to move on from all of these fools. The boy (let's call him Bill) clearly doesn't like to swing far from the tree, which implies that he's a one-stop kind of shopper. One-stop shoppers throw anything they see into the cart because they're too lazy to go to another store and get something better. I sincerely doubt that it's anything real. If he was proud of her, he'd be showing his new girl (let's call her Monica), off to anything with a pulse. Everything and anyone would see them holding hands and sharing smooches in the quad (gross). Secondly, If Bill was a decent human being, he would have okayed it with "Hillary" (first woman he "loved"), because in our society there has to be some form of decency left among us homosapiens.

He wants to share friends. Sharing = Caring, therefore one asks to share, because if one does not ask before sharing, then they clearly have not passed Kindergarten 101. As demonstrated with multiple flaws on every single reality T.V. show ever created, the first law of Girl Code and Bro Code clearly states that when one wishes to enter into a restricted territory, they must obtain a clearance pass. Otherwise, it's a no go mi amiga. They violated the law and must be put in the slammer, and not the fun kind in their case.

Also, the fact that you found out by accident shows that Monica really isn't a close friend because she's keeping secrets from you. True friends aren't embarrassed to tell you about their decisions and situations. EVER. You really need to reassess these people that are in your life. Keeping secrets from friends is never good. Especially when you all know each other. One must air out the dirty laundry in order to get that nice, fresh, and clean smell again. It's going to stink at first, but you need to talk to the couple and tell them to come clean. They made their bed, now they can sleep in it. Stand up and face the music, and stand by the choices that they made. Then, cut them off from being your friends. There are tons of people that move to L.A. everyday. You'll have no trouble finding new friends.

As for Hillary, the woman who first had Bill, if the love was indeed real, it would have survived no matter how hard it got. So, do not go out of your way to tell her. There was a good reason why they broke up in the first place. Help her remember why. If you cross her path and she asks about "them", give her the honest answer.

And on the last note, love rarely exists at this age. If you're single and 22, you should be HAPPY! You have the rest of your precious life to shackle yourself to bills, student loans, marriage, student loans, etc. This is the time where we get to roam free and love life. But most of all, learn how to love and respect yourself first. Many people don't know how to respect themselves these days. It's about time that it changed.