Twilight Dance Series wraps on good note

For the past 27 years, the Santa Monica Pier has been adding some fun to what is already a wonderful place to be with the Twilight Dance at the Santa Monica Pier every Thursday night this past summer. And the best part of it- it's all been free.

Though most of the dancing that took place during the last concert on the pier came from enthusiastic funk fans grooving to Jon Cleary and his Philthy Phew, there have been other nights with more danceable themes.

For nights such as the ballroom night and the mambo night, concert organizers laid out a temporary dance floor on the pier making dancing much more bearable for the women in heels. There were no dance accommodations for the last concert, but that didn't seem to stop funk music lovers.

For some, the last show on Sept. 8 might have been their first. Others have been going every night for the past 20 years.

Many groups can be found congregating such as the Yellow Polka Dot Umbrella Crew that gathers around a yellow polka dot umbrella.

They're always inviting new recruits to join their party team, and they encourage people to join their party team even offering complimentary Jell-o shots to visitors; they come in three different flavors.

Theresa Luster has been attending the Twilight Dance Series for the past 20 years and is part of the Yellow Polka Dot Umbrella Crew.

“It’s a great Thursday night to hook up with your friends, it’s such a fun thing, it’s so Santa Monica,” said Luster. “I’m a housewife and this is my night out with the girls, every Thursday night.”

Lance Mosley, who calls himself “Lance From L.A.”, is another member of that group. Originally from Ohio, Mosley has been in Los Angeles for 17 years and going to every Twilight night for the past seven years.

“My favorite night would have to be The Bangles,” said Mosley. “I’ve always been in love with Susanna Hoffs, and we got to go backstage, I got to meet her. So yeah, that was probably the best night.”

Whatever your plans for the summer of 2012, set aside a Thursday night for the Twilight Dance Series. The music may not be what you would normally play cruising down the PCH but it is quality music and never too late to explore new things.

Sure it’s crowded, the music is loud and parking is basically impossible, but there are ways around that, at least the latter part. Take the bus or take your bike, the pier actually offers a free bike valet for this event.

This was the 27th year for the Twilight Dance Series. The free summer concerts on the pier have become a cultural phenomenon and will continue to bring music lovers to the beach for years to come.