Hollywood revisited

Classic cinema is one constant that will never go out of style. It has brought glamour and elegance to Hollywood, and kept our spirits up during the Great Depression.

Now imagine your favorite classic films being brought to life right in front you.

“Hollywood Revisited,” combines dancing and singing to breathe life into these beloved classics with a cast of stage and screen performers who don authentic movie costumes while performing live on stage.

As these famous dance and song numbers are being performed, a screen in the back plays the original scenes right along with the show.

Its creator, Greg Schreiner, is a classically trained pianist who is also a piano teacher at the Santa Monica College Music department, as well as the narrator of the show.

Schreiner is one of the foremost collectors of costumes, owning over 350 including those of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, and Liza Minnelli, among many others.

“I show the costumes and tell interesting stories, as well as about the films and designers. Some of them are incredibly elaborate,” says Schreiner. “One Ginger Rogers gown is made of Ranch Mink and is lined with an incredible amount of sequins.”

Another equally ornate gown belonged to Diahann Carroll and has a cape that is decorated with thousands of peacock feathers.

In addition to the feature films from the 1930s to 1960s, some films from more recent decades will also be included in the performance, such as 1983’s “Staying Alive."

John Travolta’s costume from that film will be featured, as well another of his costumes, from the screen adaptation of the musical “Hairspray."

One special characteristic about the show is that, since the performances interchange, so those seeing the show more than once will be pleasantly surprised to see new numbers they have not seen before.

In addition to his group of Broadway actors, dancers, and singers, Schreiner will also be including supplementary performers from SMC’s own theatre, dance, and music departments.

If you love classic films and want to take a look at the lavish costumes made famous by these stars, you won’t want to miss this.

“Hollywood Revisited,” will be at the Broad Stage located at the SMC Performing Arts Center on Friday Sept. 23.

Tickets are available through the shows website: Click here to go to the website.