World Festival of Sacred Music honors the sea

Loud drums and vocal performances had the crowd going as Agape International Choir and the Sacred Rhythm Drum Ensemble shared their talents by creating a large circle for all the performers and visitors to engage in. The World Festival of Sacred Music was intended as a one-off event in 1999, by request of His Holiness Dalai Lama.

The success of the festival has continued over the past decade, every three years.

On Oct.1, Santa Monica Beach held an opening event titled “Honoring the Sea.”

Based on the belief that sacred music has the ability to bring forth our shared human values of peace, hundreds of people from different cultural backgrounds, religions and ethnicities, joined together in the opening ceremony, with performances by over 400 performers divided into groups.

Around 4:30 p.m., an offering to the ocean was made.

The mass made their way to the water’s edge and threw rose pedals and flowers into the ocean.

The native Tongva choir sang and chanted in honor of the sea as the procession moved towards the ocean.

Wrapping up the event, another offering to the sea was made just in time for sunset, and another batch of rose petals and flowers were thrown in to the ocean.

WFSM is hoping to carry on this event until next time in 2014.

With 32 events and 832 artists, WFSM will be held at different locations all over Los Angeles, and closing Oct. 16.

Click here for more information on the festival of sacred music website.