High 5: Spring break tools you didn't know you needed

Despite the recent weather here in LA (including frigid temperatures and strong thunderstorms), spring has officially arrived, and that means spring break is right around the corner. The following is a short list of apps and online sites that can be helpful with those upcoming spring break plans, and in ensuring maximum enjoyment from every last moment in the sun.  

1. Fly anywhere on a student budget (StudentUniverse.com)

For airfare on a budget, Student Universe will ease the search process. The site is geared specifically to student travelers on a budget. They have rates for flights all over the world and for hotels, activities, trip packages, and even good clean hostels, in case that’s what you’re going for.


2. Don't drink and drive, without this app (Live Blood Alcohol Calculator App)

Let’s be honest, what’s spring break without a little nightlife? This app is so easy to use you might consider it a game, but its features can keep you safe. When you’re out, find your drink of choice on the app, and touch it when you start and finish that particular drink. It will calculate blood alcohol level based on gender, age, height, weight, and time frame, and then predict a precise time for when you should be sober. This is an Apple only app but there are similar ones available for Android.


3. Win a free trip! With a little work... (StudentCity.com)

This site provides students with multiple options for making their bucket-list trip a reality. You can sign up for a trip the traditional way or earn a free trip by selling trips to other students. The more trips you sell the more perks you get, such as free drinks and meals.


4. Staycationing (Daytrippen.com)

If you’re planning to staycation this spring break in the great city of Los Angeles, Day Trippen can help you make the most of it. It’s full of information on day trips and things to do, from events, theme parks, wineries, whale watching, and even popular local deals in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. For each day trip there is corresponding information, along with photos and maps.


5. Sleep on a boat, in a cabin, on the couch, or all three at once (Airbnb.com)

Airbnb is a site for travelers that prefer not to spend a hefty price on hotels or who prefer to stay with real people and want home-like amenities. It truly is a great way to meet people in places all over the world, in less typical tourist environments. To search for options you provide information on where you’re going, when you’ll be checking in and out, and a list of rooms or apartments is displayed in return. Listings include maps, pictures, price, and user reviews.