Local doctor warns of toxic environmental health risks

Stressing the potential dangers of environmental toxins and the immediate health threats that they pose, Dr. David Allen, who has over thirty years of experience as a physician, gave a lecture on Wednesday at the Santa Monica Public Library. "I would treat people, but they wouldn't get well,” Allen said. “It’s as if something was blocking the treatment. It wasn't until I started treating the environment my patients were in that I was able to help people."

According to Allen, “pollutants are everywhere,” and there has been no clean air anywhere on the planet for at least 25 years.

“The first thing that’s affected by a toxic environment is the immune system,” said Allen. “Allergies are an autoimmune disease.”

Allen claimed that in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of chemicals to which people are exposed daily.

“Thirty years ago, autoimmune diseases were rare,” Allen said. “Now they’re the third leading cause of death in the industrialized world, only behind cancer and heart disease.”

Allen warned that inhaling omnipresent pollutants, such as major solvents, paint fumes, and gasoline, could weaken the immune system and cause brain damage. Allen also cautioned that those who are sensitive to fragrant soaps, perfumes and cologne might be living in a toxic environment.

“The nose is a direct pathway to the brain, and is unique in the fact that it’s always on the lookout for dangerous smells,” said Allen. “The sense of smell can be overloaded, and perceive some chemicals as threats.”

Another environmental risk to human health, according to Allen, is the widespread nature of toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

“A lot of dentists doubt that there is mercury in silver fillings, however, some can be as much as fifty percent mercury,” said Allen, who removed his own silver fillings over the course of three trips to the dentist in one year.

Allen also claimed that aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in some diet sodas, may cause memory loss and pulmonary hypertension, and is also linked to Graves’ disease.

Trying to remain healthy when so many toxins abound may seem daunting, but Allen’s suggestions are remarkably simple—avoidance, supplementation and cleansing.

Allen recommends avoiding all chemicals and toxins as much as possible, especially new paint, exhaust fumes, and new carpets.

To support a healthy immune system, Allen recommends a simple vitamin C supplement and whey protein powder.

“It’s necessary to decrease the toxic burden in your body to remain healthy,” said Allen.

Allen suggests drinking green tea and consuming B vitamins to cleanse the body.

“The constitution says all men and women are created equal, however when it comes to genetics we know that is not the case” said Allen. “Some people are naturally more resistant to toxins and better at detoxifying their body, and part of being healthy is knowing your own body.”

“Modern medicine doesn’t fully acknowledge the health threats posed by our environments,” said Allen. “We don’t get sick for no reason.”